Planned Parenthood Exposé

Don’t Be Fooled by Their Good Public Image

Planned Parenthood has done a very good job portraying itself as a champion of women and children with rhetoric that disguises their true agenda as the largest promoter and provider of abortion in our nation, which proves the reality that Planned Parenthood’s plans typically don’t involve parenthood.

Rhetoric: Planned Parenthood’s new “Responsible Choices” action agenda “speaks to American’s moral center – our shared faith in equality, respect for diversity, compassion for the vulnerable.”

Reality: While the number of abortions declined nationally, Planned Parenthood performed more abortions in 1997 than it has in any year since its founding. The number of abortions at Planned Parenthood clinics rose for the third straight year, to an all-time high of 165,174. Planned Parenthood never explains how this is compatible with its newfound “compassion for the vulnerable.”

Rhetoric: Planned Parenthood says its national office is “recognized worldwide as an authority on all aspects of reproductive healthcare,” and depicts the image of a doctor giving an ultrasound to a pregnant woman.

Reality: Very little of the research conducted by Planned Parenthood involves prenatal and fetal care, the majority of their work is focused on the development of new abortion methods, especially chemical abortions such as Methotrexate and RU 486.


Rhetoric: Planned Parenthood says “… People are better able to make responsible choices for themselves when informed about their bodies, their health, and their world.”

Reality:To achieve a primary goal to “ensure access to abortion,” Planned Parenthood aggressively opposes any type of informed consent legislation, parental involvement laws, partial-birth abortion bans, and generally any pro-life legislation as a threat to legal abortion.

Rhetoric: Planned Parenthood maintains that, “We are especially committed to representing the voices of the most vulnerable in society – the young, the poor, and the disenfranchised, who are always the first targets of political attack.”


Reality: Planned Parenthood leads the political attack on the world’s youngest, poorest, most vulnerable members, proudly claiming to have “broadened access to safe abortion services” through its international programs to institute abortion on demand throughout the world.

A great many children die each year in Planned Parenthood clinics. Is this what Planned Parenthood offers as a “responsible choice?” Many more will die as a result of Planned Parenthood’s “research” and political advocacy.

For a comprehensive list of corporate supporters of Planned Parenthood, including their products, services, subsidiaries, names of chief executive officers, addresses, phone numbers, and information about the national boycott of supporters of Planned Parenthood, contact:

Life Decisions International PO Box 907 Washington, DC 2004-0907 Phone: 202-347-2066