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Where your donations are going in 2018!

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

By Spencer Cody

Our South Dakota Right to Life Board works diligenty to make the most of every contribution we receive. Here is a breakdown of how your donations have been spent in 2018. Chapter and fair supplies take up nearly a quarter of our budget every year. SDRTL offers support to roughly 40 chapters and participates in a wide range of fairs and events. Your donations ensure that we are always distributing new and innovative displays and pro-life materials. For example, in 2018 we purchased and prepared 7,000 twelve-week fetal models to give away at fairs and events. These little “babies” draw crowds of children to our booths, where they answer questions about fetal development to “win” a prize. Nearly a fifth of our budget goes to provide a field coordinator to offer support to chapters and coordinate our booths at fairs and other events. Sending LifeFacts to 8,000 households four times a year is one of our biggest educational expenses, consisting of nearly 17% of our yearly budget. Lobbying takes up about 13% of our budget. Each session we have a fulltime lobbyist in Pierre working with our legislative committee to develop, refine, and push through meaningful pro-life legislation that helps educate and save lives while blocking anti-life legislation in its tracks. The success of our lobbying efforts has been stunning: 22 pieces of pro-life legislation passed within the last eight sessions. Eight percent of our budget is spent on maintaining an office and storage space in Pierre. Another 8% is used to send South Dakota delegates to National Right to Life meetings, conventions, and trainings. Five percent of our budget is spent on paying for fair booths and expenses for other events to ensure our pro-life message is reaching people throughout the state. Only 3.1% of the budget is being spent on administration. Since we have a remarkable and experienced volunteer who maintains our database and memberships, our biggest administrative expenses come from membership mailings, postage, and office supplies. Miscellaneous education expenses are less than 3% of our budget and include things like our essay contests, Hour of Reflection, convention, and other education opportunities. Every dollar that you donate gets stretched to its breaking point and supports a large network of chapters and volunteers committed to furthering and cementing our gains toward a culture that values LIFE. Thanks so much for supporting your South Dakota Right to Life.

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