What More Can You Do?

Can You Do More To Help Stop Abortion?

Try these simple and inexpensive ideas.

Bumper Stickers
Reach thousands of people each day with the pro-life message: Abortion Stops a Beating Heart or She’s a Child not a Choice. New static stickers for windows are also available. Cost: $2.00 each or less.

Precious Feet Pins
The Precious Feet pin is an electroplated gold or silver/gold gilt finish replica of the exact size of the feet of an unborn child just ten weeks after conception. Wear your precious feet pin everywhere as the international symbol of the pro-life movement. When people ask you about it, use this as a teaching opportunity on the development of the unborn child. Cost: $2.00 – $5.00 each.

Pro-Life Checks
Every check that you write passes through the hands of at least 16 people before the money is taken out of your account. Those 16 people can be influenced by the pro-life message on your check. Full color designs include Unborn Child or Pro-Life and are available in single part or duplicate top bound checks. Each order comes complete with one-part deposit tickets, check register and vinyl checkbook cover, at no additional cost. You may order direct from Life Checks 1-847-PRO-LIFE. Cost $12.95 to $26.95 plus S&H.

Pro-Life Clothes
Visit the following website to check out pro-life apparel:
Heritage House 

Contact SDRTL state office for information on bulk discounts.