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51st Annual SDRTL ConventioN

Angela Copenhaver:
Marketing that Changes a Culture
2022 Mayor's Conv. Proclamation.jpeg
Karen Cross:
Ways to Defeat Pro-Life Candidates
Andy Griffith: 
The No Longer Silent Mandate
Friday Night’s Pro-Life
Legislative Candidates
Karen Cross: Political Action is a Ministry to the Unborn
Pastor Craig Moore
Councilman Jason Salamun
Bishop Peter M. Muhich
Dan Brusseau
John Witherspoon College Choir
Marty Jackley
Chris Nelson
Monae Johnson
Josh Haeder
Brock Greenfield
Alex Schadenberg
Senator John Thune
Representative Dusty Johnson
Governor Kristi Noem and
Lieutenant Governor Larry Rhoden
2022 Humanitarian of the Year: Gloria Duenwald
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