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Rapid City South Dakota Legislative Crackerbarrel

Elevate Rapid City offers ways for the Black Hills community to engage with elected officials throughout the year. Townhalls are offered during elections to hear from candidates. Once a person has been elected to serve in the South Dakota legislature it is even more important to ensure a connection between constituents and elected officials.

Legislative Crackerbarrels – often known as legislative coffees – are offered each year during the legislative session (January – March) to fulfill exactly that purpose. These free, public events provide an opportunity for Legislators to discuss bills and issues and hear directly from the public.

The crackerbarrels feature Representatives and Senators from South Dakota districts 30, 32, 33, 34 and 35.

2023 Rapid City Legislative Crackerbarrel Dates

Elevate Rapid City will host three crackerbarrels for the 2023 legislative session.

  • January 28 - Western Dakota Tech Event Center*

  • February 11 - Location TBD

  • March 4 - Western Dakota Tech Event Center*

Crackerbarrel - RC.jpeg

* Live Stream Available

Crackerbarrels at these locations will be also be available via live stream on the Elevate Facebook page. Watch previous crackerbarrels on the Elevate Rapid City Youtube channel.

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